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1. After any given function the number of covers is established by an employee of the HOTEL and his count will be accepted as final. The CLIENT may appoint a teller from his side and the count of the HOTEL employee and that of the Client’s teller shall be reconciled and agreed. Where the CLIENT does not appoint such a teller, both parties shall accept the tally made by the HOTEL employees shall be accepted by both parties.

2. The Client should be billed in accordance with the minimum number of persons finally contracted notwithstanding under attendance or in case of non appearance of CLIENT. However, should the attendance be more than the minimum number stipulated, the CLIENT shall be billed per cover or at actual number of persons present.

3. The hotel shall not be liable for failure to comply with any or all the terms of this agreement due to labor dispute, fortuitous events, of other causes beyond its control.

4. Any items ( i.e. props, cakes, etc.) brought into the hotel in relation to the function should be cleared to the function room and the premises of the hotel within one(1) hour after the end of the function, unless the prior written consent of the HOTEL to an extension of the same is obtained. If not, the HOTEL has the right to dispose the said items.

5. The CLIENT binds to pay the minimum price based on the guaranteed number of persons, notwithstanding under-attendance or non-appearance. In case the number of guests exceeds the guaranteed minimum, the CLIENT agreed to pay the actual number of covers served.

6. Notification of any changes on the number of covers to be served must be received by the HOTEL at least 48 hours before the start of the function in order for this to be implemented on time. Failure to give such notice will result in the HOTEL serving the original number of covers agreed upon, with the CLIENT paying the full amount concerned. However, where the requirements of the CLIENT are for additional covers, over and above the numbers originally agreed, the HOTEL at its sole discretion may be able to provide the additional covers required or make some alternative suggestion depending on the function menu, venue, capacity, and the time available to make necessary adjustments. All the cost relating to such upward adjustments of covers is to be borne by the CLIENT and agreed upon in advance.

7. Notice of cancellation and postponement of function shall be made in writing within 7 days. Cancellation and/or postponement of the scheduled function date shall result in forfeiture of the whole cash deposits.

8. All food and beverages items shall be purchased exclusively from the HOTEL and the CLIENT is prohibited to bring food and beverage into the HOTEL premises unless previously negotiated and agreed upon.

9. The CLIENT assumes responsibility for any damages and loss caused by the client, participants and guests at the function to HOTEL property put at their disposal and use.

10. The CLIENT shall be solely responsible for its guest’s personal belongings such as gifts, exhibits, displays, and other materials. The HOTEL shall in no instance be held liable for any damage to or any losses of such items.

11. The HOTEL reserves the right to substitute the agreed function space with a similar space and any such substitution shall be deemed by CLIENT as full performance under this contract.

12. The CLIENT agrees to have its guests vacate the function space at the agreed closing hour and reimburse the HOTEL for any overtime wages or additional operational expenses incurred for failure to comply with this requirement unless previously negotiated and agreed with the HOTEL.

13. The CLIENT agrees to settle through send bill arrangement after they conduct the activity charge to Department of Education (DepED) account.

14. If an outstanding account is referred to a lawyer for collection, the CLIENT agrees to pay 25% of the unpaid amounts as collection expenses of litigation, including attorney’s fees, if a case is filed in court.

15. Charge Account should be settled within three (3) months from date of function, otherwise an interest of 3% will be charged on the fourth month, and 5% interest charge on the fifth month and onwards.

16. The hotel reserves the right to block the function room based on the guaranteed number of persons. In case the number of guests exceeds the guaranteed, the hotel reserves the right to transfer the group to another function room; however it will not be held against the hotel in instances that there are no function rooms available for the group to transfer to.

By using Hotel Fortuna’s system and services you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions

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